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Ultimate dry skin renewal treatment

I know it’s still early to think about pulling out the shorts but eventually spring is going to be here. If you’re notorious for neglecting your skin in the winter, don’t fear. After all, I know all too well how easy it is to throw on a big sweater and jeans as if I’m going into some winter hibernation. Then it happens… spring creeps up on you and you realize that underneath all those layers of clothes is your own layer of hairy legs and dead skin cells. So let me help you create a plan of action so you’re not left looking like a deer bear in the headlights when the weather turns warm. This is my two part recommendation to cure winter skin and make it spring fresh.

Check out my YouTube video – LimeLight Bamboo Renew & Forty Cure Crème to see the results!

Part 1:

Start with Bamboo Renew. This is a gentle abrasive body exfoliator. Unlike most exfoliators, the first thing you will notice about this scrub is that it’s not overly oily. It has a high concentration of the actual exfoliators which are a combination of walnut shell powder and bamboo. These natural abrasives are very fine and feel like a soft sand. As you work it into your skin with a small amount of water, the scrub will begin to expand and allow you to move it across your skin with ease. A little will truly go a long way. As you scrub it in, you will then smell the invigorating aroma of its essential oils that include lemongrass, mimosa flower and litsea. Take some time and massage it into your skin really well. Finish with a warm rinse and pat dry. Bamboo Renew includes algae and rice extracts for a firming agent, and milk thistle to moisturize.

skincare_v2_bamboo renew


Part 2:

skincare_v2_forty cure

Finish with Forty Cure Crème. Ok, so you’re wondering what does that mean. It comes from the Tamanu seed tree that the Tahitians refer to as forty-cure because of the many different ways it can heal skin. This cream can actually assist in healing Eczema. That is some powerful cream! Since I’m over halfway through my thirties, I’m going to kick some 40’s butt with this Forty Cure! This cream is a thick, rich cream that goes on smooth like butter. I find that it smells like fresh ginger… you know, like the one that you get at the sushi restaurant? However there is no ginger in the ingredient list. Tamanu seed, lavender, sweet orange, and Egyptian rose apparently smell a lot like ginger to me. As I rub it into my skin I notice that it smells more like the sweet orange. This cream is exceptional on dry, cracked skin. It begins to heal after the first use. I recommend this product 1-2 times per day.

It’s an easy treatment, and you will be ready for spring if you’re armed with this dynamic duo. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video review on these two products. Do you want to try before you buy? Request your free sample here.



Where does your squalane come from?

My face is happy now because I just finished my LimeLight by Alcone Skin Polish routine. I usually use my Skin Polish twice a week when I have some time to relax and treat myself to a home spa treatment. I find that twice a week is perfect to keeping my skin feel plump, smooth, and best of all – hydrated.  Hydration is essential to my skin care because dry, flakey skin is not beautiful at all. In fact, dehydrated skin makes doing my makeup a chore and impossible to blend.

How does it work? Skin Polish has a gentle abrasive feel to slough away dead skin cells. After gently scrubbing your skin with the polish, you will leave it on for about 15 minutes. Relax and enjoy as you feel it working deep in your skin. Close your eyes and enjoy the lemon scent as it takes you back to a calm spring day. The skin will start feeling tight as the mask dries. After you rinse the mask off, enjoy the smooth hydrated sensation.

So what makes this Skin Polish so effective? It’s in the ingredients.

Apricot Oil – Suitable for all skin types, apricot oil is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Apricot oil is light in texture and absorbs into the skin quickly. It can soothe irritation, while providing or sealing in moisture. Apricot oil doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy.

Cold Pressed Lemon Peel Oil – This oil has been proven to regenerate skin cells. After a good scrub to remove old, dried up skin cells, this is the perfect ingredient to rebuild new life into your face.

Jojoba beads – An all-natural exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells. This bead is not to be confused with the plastic microbeads which are banned in several states in the US. LimeLight uses the perfect amount of beads to effectively remove the dead cells, and get a deep clean, yet still gentle on sensitive skin.

Squalane – This is the plant derived version NOT from shark liver. LimeLight by Alcone has earned the Leaping Bunny certification for all skin care products so you may rest easy that it’s totally cruelty free. Squalane is found in the skin of olives and wraps around your skin to prevent dehydration. Squalane penetrates the skin deeply, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It may also protect the skin from free radicals and damaging UV rays which boost its anti-aging properties.

Now that you have an idea of what makes your LimeLight by Alcone Skin Polish so superior, you can also rest easy that the squalane and jojoba beads used in it are completely cruelty free!

What’s in your favorite facial product?

Skin Polish_benefits

Love your LimeLight Valentine’s Day Collections!

This Valentine’s Day, go 100% vegan. LimeLight by Alcone’s collections will get you the quality and value you love and trust (and still have money left over for a bottle of wine!) LimeLight brings you two limited edition collections available now through February 8th, 2016. And as a bonus, every collection comes with a free limited edition LimeLight watercolor cosmetic case! So let me break down the two collections. Oh and don’t forget to leave a hint on your Valentine’s Facebook page – share button!

The first collection is perfect for any makeup lover, beauty blogger, or makeup artist. We call this the Brush Crush Collection. This is a brand new LimeLight by Alcone professional makeup brush set. The collection includes a combination of traditional shaped brushes for multi-use purposes, and brushes targeted for specific use. LimeLight’s 100% vegan synthetic bristles are durable to survive a life of multiple cleanings. Use them in liquids, powders, and creams without worry of degradation. This collection is valued at over $318, but when purchased during this promotion you can have it for only $184 – that is a savings of $134 wow! Time to toss your old brushes to the side and express yourself with the Brush Crush Collection.

Brush Crush Collection

Do you want to get really close this Valentine’s Day? Then snuggle up to the LimeLight by Alcone’s Skintimate Collection. Combat the effects from the dry winter with LimeLight’s secret to smooth skin. Targeted for dry, cracked, and callused skin, LimeLight included Bamboo Renew (exfoliator), Crème of the Crop (moisturizer), and the new One Drop Wonder (Pomifera Oil ™) in this special collection. All LimeLight’s skin care products are 100% natural and contain organic ingredients. If you need skin healing this Valentine’s Day, then this trio is for you. This collection is valued at over $160 (and is totally worth it) but you can get it in time for Valentine’s Day for only $130!


LimeLight’s fiber mascara vs. the competition

Limelight by Alcone Perfect Mascara
I’m sure you’ve all seen the close ups of big eyeballs all over Facebook and Instagram popping up in your news feed. Mascara before and after photos displaying super long lashes without expensive extensions. Some of you may have tried them, but I bet there are still a lot of you who haven’t and wondered, is it any good? I have the popular $29 “Y” brand in my makeup bag as well as LimeLight by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara. So today I’m going to do a comparison between the two fiber lengthening mascaras, so you can decide which brand to try.


Brand “Y” is applied as a two-step application of gel and fibers. In my experience, it’s actually more than two steps. I start with my favorite brand of regular mascara (mine is Almay) and apply it as normal – this is step one. Step two I apply the “Y” gel. Step three I apply the “Y” fibers. This is tricky. When you open the fibers you will see a lot of fluff on a straight mascara wand. You have to carefully shake off the excess, which in my opinion is a waste of product. You can then carefully apply the fibers to the tips of your lashes – if you apply it to the base they will become clumpy. Step four, reapply the “Y” gel. The instructions tell you that it’s buildable meaning you can continue to apply gel, fibers, and gel, as long as you remember that the last step is gel to seal the fibers in. Overall application is not as advertised with the process stacking up to at least four steps.

LimeLight by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara is a simple, true one-step application. There’s no need for a base mascara and the fibers are included in the same tube. The fiber is not fluffy, they are more like hairs which ensures a clump free application from the base through to the extended tips! I love that the process is simple, quick, and has much less waste than the other brand. Perfect Mascara is definitely the winner for application!


Brand “Y” includes two tubes and comes in a very stylish case that resembles an eyeglass case. The gel wand style is an hour glass shape (although I heard the newer product switched to the pine tree shape). If brand “Y” did switch to the pine tree style, then in my opinion that was a wise move. I can’t say anything positive about the hourglass shape bristles on a mascara wand. The fiber tube is a straight wand that does not have any bristles. Both tubes are kept in the glasses case, and aside from it being something cute to have, it may become cumbersome if you have limited space in your makeup bag or vanity.

LimeLight by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara is a sleek, slender, silver tube. The wand has pine tree shaped bristles making it simple to apply on the inner and outer corners of the eyes as well as the bottom lashes. This tube easily fits in your makeup bag, purse, or vanity. The etching on the silver tube is an elegant presentation of LimeLight’s packaging standard. For portability and wand shape, LimeLight wins the packaging category.


Brand “Y” retails for $29 for the dual tube set. When you host a party, chances are you can get the mascara for free. At $29 the price is pretty steep, especially when most consumers are used to paying about ten bucks at any drug store for a tube mascara.

LimeLight by Alcone’s Perfect mascara retails for a low $14. You can also get it free as a host reward. This price point is incredible being only a few dollars more than the drugstore brands who don’t include lash extending fibers. If you really want to spend twenty-nine dollars on mascara, consider getting two tubes of Perfect Mascara… heck you’ll still have a dollar to spare! Hands down Perfect Mascara wins the cost category.


With all three aspects, it’s clear that LimeLight by Alcone takes top spot for fiber mascara when compared head to head with “Y” brand. The simplicity, style and price are all the reasons you should try Perfect Mascara. If you have any problem with the product, LimeLight by Alcone gives you a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with peace of mind.

See a demo here: