Where does your squalane come from?

My face is happy now because I just finished my LimeLight by Alcone Skin Polish routine. I usually use my Skin Polish twice a week when I have some time to relax and treat myself to a home spa treatment. I find that twice a week is perfect to keeping my skin feel plump, smooth, and best of all – hydrated.  Hydration is essential to my skin care because dry, flakey skin is not beautiful at all. In fact, dehydrated skin makes doing my makeup a chore and impossible to blend.

How does it work? Skin Polish has a gentle abrasive feel to slough away dead skin cells. After gently scrubbing your skin with the polish, you will leave it on for about 15 minutes. Relax and enjoy as you feel it working deep in your skin. Close your eyes and enjoy the lemon scent as it takes you back to a calm spring day. The skin will start feeling tight as the mask dries. After you rinse the mask off, enjoy the smooth hydrated sensation.

So what makes this Skin Polish so effective? It’s in the ingredients.

Apricot Oil – Suitable for all skin types, apricot oil is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Apricot oil is light in texture and absorbs into the skin quickly. It can soothe irritation, while providing or sealing in moisture. Apricot oil doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy.

Cold Pressed Lemon Peel Oil – This oil has been proven to regenerate skin cells. After a good scrub to remove old, dried up skin cells, this is the perfect ingredient to rebuild new life into your face.

Jojoba beads – An all-natural exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells. This bead is not to be confused with the plastic microbeads which are banned in several states in the US. LimeLight uses the perfect amount of beads to effectively remove the dead cells, and get a deep clean, yet still gentle on sensitive skin.

Squalane – This is the plant derived version NOT from shark liver. LimeLight by Alcone has earned the Leaping Bunny certification for all skin care products so you may rest easy that it’s totally cruelty free. Squalane is found in the skin of olives and wraps around your skin to prevent dehydration. Squalane penetrates the skin deeply, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It may also protect the skin from free radicals and damaging UV rays which boost its anti-aging properties.

Now that you have an idea of what makes your LimeLight by Alcone Skin Polish so superior, you can also rest easy that the squalane and jojoba beads used in it are completely cruelty free!

What’s in your favorite facial product?

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