What is the LimeLight Fast Start?


What is the LimeLight Fast Start?

You just ordered your LimeLight by Alcone starter kit, now what? It’s time to start working toward your fast start. Before your kit even gets packed for shipment, you’ll want to start working on ways to earn your first tier of fast start. Did you know that you can earn up to $800 in Fast Start bonuses? (keep reading to find out the secret of unlimited bonuses). Let’s look at all five opportunities of fast start and what’s in it for you!

  1. Achieve $1000 in Personal Retail Value (PRV) in your first 40 days, and you will earn $100 in Standard Retail Value (SRV) and $50 for marketing materials. This is not impossible. It can be achieved during your first launch party. Note: If you’re not familiar with PRV, this is the amount that your customers pay at retail – not wholesale. You definitely want this so you can use the money to reinvest in your supplies. $1000 will also move you from Beauty Guide In Training (BGIT) to Beauty Guide (BG)
  2. Personally enroll 1 BGIT, who qualifies for the rank of BG in your first 70 days, and you will earn $50 in product plus $50 in cash
  3. Achieve $3000 PRV in 60 days, and you will earn $100 SRV in product plus $50 for marketing materials
  4. Personally enroll 2 or more BGIT who promote to BG in your first 90 days, and you will earn $100 SRV in product and $100 cash
  5. Achieve the rank of Star Beauty Guide within you first 3 full months in business, and earn $100 cash; OR achieve the rank of Star Beauty Guide within 2 full months, and earn $200

Just think how easy these tiers can be to achieve when you are hitting them with a friend that you’ve personally enrolled. Let’s backtrack for a moment. It’s really important that you have your launch party right away, because as soon as you submit your application to become a BGIT the clock starts ticking for all tiers. I have seen some BGIT’s hit tier 1 fast start before even receiving their kit, so this is totally possible. If you’re having doubts, talk to your sponsor right away. You are amazing, and you can do this. Your goal is to not only find some amazing customers, but to also find a runner like you who wants to build a career in LimeLight. That way YOU can work towards tier 1 & 2, while BOTH of you are working towards your fast start simultaneously.

Ready for the secret?  For every single person you personally enroll on your team, you will also have the opportunity to earn a 100% match on the cash and marketing material portions of their fast start bonuses.  And there is NO LIMIT to the amount of fast start bonuses you achieve!

Get used to this amazing compensation plan because this is just the beginning.

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