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From Phoenix to Austin – LimeLight Palooza 2017

Every moment at Palooza just kept getting better!

Palooza began on a Friday morning. Well, let me back up a bit. We got in Thursday afternoon – we being my fiancé and I. We planned it as a little trip before he left on military leave (but that’s a whole other story). So we got in on Thursday to check out the town – I never been to Austin. Let me just say – It’s really fricken hot in Austin and as you probably know, I’m from Phoenix!  So that’s a pretty bold statement. It’s a fun city and I’m glad we got to experience it before the conference.  Just ask about the bats!

So I picked up my Palooza SWAG BAG before heading off to bed. If you don’t know what swag is, let me just say that the value in the swag bag is basically the cost of your ticket. And if you bought your ticket when I did, it most definitely surpassed the cost of the ticket – WINNING! So what was inside my swag bag you might ask?  Let me tell you:

  • LimeLight branded hat (great for the gym)
  • LimeLight branded hard makeup carrier (travel in style)
  • Stars Collide (our 2017 theme) bracelet
  • LimeLight branded white oversized beach towel (like the Costco bath sheets)
  • Happy tears / Ugly Cryer tissues

And the last 2 which were the talk of the weekend:

  • L’Occitane Divine Crème – (OMG – this was amazing, but REALLY out of my budget, TGIF – Thank God Its Free)
  • LimeLight Eye Aspire – Launching August 1st 2017, this is our brand new eye serum and it’s amazing!!

But as I said, it just kept getting better!

Stay tuned for the next day (Martha Beck!)