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The Fullerton Pencil Skirt

Honey & Lace

The Fullerton Pencil Skirt paired with another Honey & Lace piece called the Oakland Tee shirt

You guys, have you heard of this new company yet? It’s called Honey & Lace!  If you are a seasoned shopper with LuLaRoe, you may have heard of Honey & Lace – or maybe not.  It’s pretty darn new and the clothes IMHO are way better (and I mean not even comparable) than LuLaRoe.  You see, I purchased several times from LuLaRoe, but was never fully satisfied. The quality killed me, and those pics online of the prints sewn in just the right (wrong) spot – um-no thanks! So why the poor attempt of a comparison? It’s because I have to give you a basis of understanding what Honey & Lace is, and many people are familiar with the LuLaRoe platform of sales. Really, that’s the only way the two companies compare.

When a new package showed up on my doorstep with a skirt, and a request to do a review, I couldn’t help but to do it right away. I was thrilled. So it’s with great excitement that I can review this for my viewers.

The Fullerton

This is your classic pencil skirt, ladies.  It should actually be a staple in any business woman’s wardrobe because it hits the curves in the right spots and still screams classy.  The length hits right above the knee so it’s modest enough for the office. But the true winner is the fact that it’s worn as a high wasted skirt. – say again? – Alright, if you have a less than perfect hourglass shape then you need a high wasted skirt in your life.  I mean I have HIP DIPS. Um yes, I admit it.  I don’t have those nice curvy hips, and I have a post baby foopah (you know what I’m talking about), and my butt is lower than it used to be, but this skirt still looks absolutely fantastic on me. And when something looks good on me, I know it won’t sit in the closet.

The Material

I am in love with the material on this skirt. It is a matte material similar to cotton only it’s textured with a stretch. It’s thick enough so you never have to worry about it being see-through and it hugs your curves beautifully (if you’re so blessed). Even with my lack of curves – it looks amazing.  The seams are sewn down the sides with no back slit. The top is an elastic waist band which is pretty thick and it won’t bunch or fold, and it’s comfortable! It says can be washed in your own washing machine, but the label (which states it’s made in California) says to hang dry it.  And for once in my life, I did follow the directions and no clothing was harmed in my wash test.

The Style

I tend to dress this for work, so I like this with one of my other buys from Honey & Lace, which is a Oakland tee.  It’s just a basic tee, no pockets and I wear it tucked into the skirt with a pair of heels. But my consultant told me that this skirt, like many of their other styles can be dressed up or dressed down.  She even suggested a daring style which was the Fullerton with a pair of high boot heels!  Wowsa! To dress it down, she suggests a pair of Chucks (All-Star Converse) and maybe a band tee (yep, find that old Metallica t-shirt).

Where to Find

If you’re in the market for some new outfits, I suggest you head over to your favorite Honey & Lace consultant, or click here for my consultant (Honey & Lace by JaimeAnn) and view the inventory in the “Shop Now” link. If you need help with an outfit, her service is complementary. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, she has a group of consultants that she works everyday with that she can get you in touch with.


Honey & Lace by Jaime-Ann

Honey & Lace Fullerton Pencil Skirt paired with my own crop top in mint green


*I did not receive any compensation for this review. The review is made of all my own words. I received the Fullerton skirt in exchange for my honest review*