Monthly Archives: October 2017

Network Marketing, Customer Service, and Price Point

As someone who was disgusted by the tactics of network marketing, I can totally understand the stigma that network marketing had in the past. Fortunately, I think that stigma is starting to go away and finally there’s been many changes in the way leaders present both the opportunity and the sales. It all really boils down to customer service of the representative.

I’ve always had a customer service background for my entire adult career so I consider myself a customer service snob. I don’t just expect good customer service when I’m out, I pretty much demand it. When I do get really amazing service, I will go to great lengths telling others about it, and also appreciating the server with a gracious tip. I do this as a reflection of my own service. I know there are many others like me out there, and if you are one of those people – you may want to land yourself a network marketing position too!

It should be no shocker that I go above and beyond with my own customer service. I understand no company is perfect. If it’s not right for my customer, I take it to great lengths to make it right. I pride myself on my customer service. Every single encounter (and it’s no different whether it’s my customer or my teammate) is sure to be a good one. Whether it be questions about the product, or questions about the business, I’m pretty much an open book. This is MY business, so it’s up to me to make sure that I do right to my customers, and my teammates. My business literally depends on it, and it’s the reason why my customers return for re-orders and bring their friends.

But does network marketing mean that the prices need to be inflated? I know I have seen some amazing products on the market, and literally been turned off because the price point was way wrong. I get it… I guess? There’s a lot of commission being paid off on one sale. WOAH hold the boat. Let me explain that LimeLight is VERY different in this area.  LimeLight prices are compared to those at your department stores – Clinique, Lancome, etc. We are high quality professional makeup and natural skin care. Our prices are right where they should be – in fact, many of my customers are downright surprised when I show them just how affordable they are.  You see, we source our products mostly here in the USA so we are not paying extra for freight or extra for expediting. If you are familiar with LimeLight’s story you will also know that we have been in business with these major vendors for 60+ years through the Alcone store (we get the hookups). We are able to keep our costs down, and on top of all that – our CEO Michele Gay isn’t in it to be a multi-millionaire, she wants ever single beauty guide to be millionaires themselves. Profits are returned right back to the sales force who earned it.

Hopefully I’ve been able to clear up some misconceptions, and also provide you with some new insight on the network marketing business model. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out directly to me. You can contact me on my replicated site by clicking shop my LimeLight store.