Unleash your inner girl boss

I missed out on the fun in my 20’s.

I got married at 19, and then I had my first child when I was 22 years old and I essentially spent my post high school years as a working mom. To say that I didn’t have fun experiences or vacations during that time in my life was an understatement. I provided for my kids and paid my bills, but that was all. The only reason I got by was due to my corporate job.

I felt stuck.

The remaining years in my 20’s went by, I had a rough marriage which ended in divorce.  I climbed more in my corporate job, yet grew even more unsatisfied. I hit my 30’s and moved into a better job but it was still a corporate setting, and I earned more money but I was still not completely satisfied. I went on an annual vacation – but it was always on a budget. I knew vacation would have some kind of compromise because of finances. It either meant the accommodations were “affordable” or the “experiences” were limited. Something always had to suffer.

The thought of doing this for the next 30 years aggravated me. When was I ever going to catch a break?

I see people going to beautiful islands and I just want that opportunity! I am a good hard working person, why can’t I have this?

I needed a backup plan.

I started seeing people making money, and having tons of fun in these pop up companies. These ladies were making money from their computers and taking vacations – it looked like collage (which I totally missed out on that experience by the way). I am ashamed to even say that I started resenting these women because as I said, I was a good hard working person. I felt like the world wouldn’t give me a break.

I thought long and hard and immediately after New Year’s in 2016 I realized – I deserve to try this myself.

It was a small investment, a good challenge, and an opportunity I never tried. Not to mention, I couldn’t say that I didn’t try. If I failed – it was because I didn’t do the work or try.

As soon as I signed up, I became a sponge. I began training and learning about all the products. No time to waste!

I have now spent two years learning this business, and I can say that it’s been the best journey in a “workplace”. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and have a ton of fun with the other people in my company. I see the endless opportunity that awaits. The opportunity that will be delivered with my hard work and patience.

Here’s the deal. I could have sat around and continued doing my corporate job and be exactly where I am today in my corporate job. Or, make the decision I made and now have a network that I’ve built achieving a second income, a lot more friends, and more experiences – plus my unchanged corporate job – still got that.

For me, this was an easy decision. Just knowing that I’m working towards something that can be bigger than I ever thought possible is enough to keep me going.

Ready to start your own journey? Unleash that inner girl boss. You give so much to everyone else, it’s time you do something for you!

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