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Unleash your inner girl boss

I missed out on the fun in my 20’s.

I got married at 19, and then I had my first child when I was 22 years old and I essentially spent my post high school years as a working mom. To say that I didn’t have fun experiences or vacations during that time in my life was an understatement. I provided for my kids and paid my bills, but that was all. The only reason I got by was due to my corporate job.

I felt stuck.

The remaining years in my 20’s went by, I had a rough marriage which ended in divorce.  I climbed more in my corporate job, yet grew even more unsatisfied. I hit my 30’s and moved into a better job but it was still a corporate setting, and I earned more money but I was still not completely satisfied. I went on an annual vacation – but it was always on a budget. I knew vacation would have some kind of compromise because of finances. It either meant the accommodations were “affordable” or the “experiences” were limited. Something always had to suffer.

The thought of doing this for the next 30 years aggravated me. When was I ever going to catch a break?

I see people going to beautiful islands and I just want that opportunity! I am a good hard working person, why can’t I have this?

I needed a backup plan.

I started seeing people making money, and having tons of fun in these pop up companies. These ladies were making money from their computers and taking vacations – it looked like collage (which I totally missed out on that experience by the way). I am ashamed to even say that I started resenting these women because as I said, I was a good hard working person. I felt like the world wouldn’t give me a break.

I thought long and hard and immediately after New Year’s in 2016 I realized – I deserve to try this myself.

It was a small investment, a good challenge, and an opportunity I never tried. Not to mention, I couldn’t say that I didn’t try. If I failed – it was because I didn’t do the work or try.

As soon as I signed up, I became a sponge. I began training and learning about all the products. No time to waste!

I have now spent two years learning this business, and I can say that it’s been the best journey in a “workplace”. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and have a ton of fun with the other people in my company. I see the endless opportunity that awaits. The opportunity that will be delivered with my hard work and patience.

Here’s the deal. I could have sat around and continued doing my corporate job and be exactly where I am today in my corporate job. Or, make the decision I made and now have a network that I’ve built achieving a second income, a lot more friends, and more experiences – plus my unchanged corporate job – still got that.

For me, this was an easy decision. Just knowing that I’m working towards something that can be bigger than I ever thought possible is enough to keep me going.

Ready to start your own journey? Unleash that inner girl boss. You give so much to everyone else, it’s time you do something for you!

Holiday gifts for someone special

Holiday gifts for someone special

If you have a larger budget for that someone special, keep reading because I have some amazing collections for that someone so special in your life.  If you have a budget you will want to check out my other two blogs – Holiday gifts for men and older boys under $100, under $50, and under $25 and Holiday gifts for women and older girls under $100, under $50, and under $25. But this post will show you some of our higher end gifts that someone special will surly love you for!

Holiday Mini Lip Library

Is she someone who loves many lip looks? Or maybe you have a makeup artist on your list. This set includes our entire lip library of our famous Enduring Lip Colors with the long lasting matte finish that is so trendy right now. It also includes our entire lip library of Signature Lip Glosses with that bling bling lid. Each mini will fit nicely inside a small clutch purse or pocket. It also allows her to try every single color so she can mix and match for endless custom colors, ombre looks, and different finishes of matte or gloss. Our lip library comes in a beautiful round box, finished with a bow and gift tag.

Order Holiday Mini Lip Library

One Drop Wonderful time of the year

The one and only exclusive One Drop Wonder is now a holiday collection. It includes the beauty guide favorite One Drop Wonder, and a Pom Bomb (bath bomb) enriched with 15 drops of One Drop Wonder. Not familiar with One Drop Wonder yet? Well it’s a single ingredient pomifera oil enriched with omega-6 and anti-oxidants. This makes your skin feel amazing and now the Pom Bomb makes bathing in One Drop Wonder a reality! Our Pom Bombs are available on their own for $12 also (while supplies last).

Order One Drop Wonderful Time of Year

Snow Glowbe Collection

Get your glow back with our Snow Glowbe collection. This collection is designed for dry, winter skin and includes:

  • Quench Cleanse
  • Skin Polish
  • Skin Polish
  • One Drop Wonder
  • (Free) Elegant Terrycloth headband – (it’s so soft!)

We even take care of the gift box, bow and tag! This is a great gift for moms, and grown daughters because it includes everything she needs to get her youthful skin back.

Order Snow Glowbe Collection

Skinter Wonderland Collection

This wonderful collection is for acne prone/oily skin. It’s designed to help re-balance skin to clear up any acne or bacteria on the skin. Our products are designed to clean the skin without stripping it from it’s natural oils. Each item works perfectly for real results – without harmful chemicals, or parabens. This set includes:

  • Dream Clean
  • Skin Therapist
  • Masque of Zen
  • One Drop Wonder
  • (Free) Elegant Terrycloth headband – (it’s so soft!)

We even take care of the gift box, bow and tag! This is a great gift for grown daughters and teens who struggle with acne or oily skin.

Order Skinter Wonderland Collection

Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror

Dubbed the hottest mirror in the professional industry! This mirror is amazing. I use mine daily (and my daughter even sneaks in my room to use it too). I love it so much that I recommended it to my family and my dad even picked one up for my mom on her birthday.  You get the best lighting for the perfect makeup application each time. It’s portable so it travels well, and includes bluetooth capability for the perfect selfie.  This is a great gift for any YouTube professional, freelance makeup artist (on the go), direct sales entrepreneur, Instagram model, or anyone who needs perfect lighting anywhere.

Order Glamcor Riki Mirror

Classified Brush Collection

Just launched weeks earlier than expected is our brand new Classified Brush Collection. Each professional brush is made by hand with super soft vegan bristles, and weighted handles for precision and stability. This collection comes with a vegan leather canister to hold and store your brushes. You can order as a collection or individually.

Order Classified Brush Collection

Still need some advice? Contact me directly for a more individualized experience.  What is your favorite on here?

Holiday gifts for women and older girls – under $100, under $50, and under $25

Holiday gifts for women and older girls – under $100, under $50, and under $25

A few days ago I created a similar post – Holiday gifts for men and older boys, and I thought it would be helpful to do the same so that the men in our lives can find the gifts that we really want, while not falling out of a specific budget. If budget isn’t a concern, check out our gifts for someone special. Not only are our holiday gifts easy to give, you will also get my personal recommendations, color matching, and ordering assistance at no extra charge when you contact me directly.

Under $100

Bare Metals Eye Color Collection Tin Holiday ’17

What makes this collection sparkle? Amazing shimmer.  This collection is perfect for the holiday because each metal color is a neutral base and looks great on any skin tone and any eye color. Our eye pigments are highly pigmented meaning that you will get a lot of bang for your buck. Our formula does not create a shimmery fallout so you won’t end up with sparkle all over your cheeks. These colors mimic foil with there small shimmer fleck. The 6 shades come with our perfect eyeliner pen (a makeup artist favorite), and our brand new #7 Classified large eye shadow brush. This collection comes beautifully packed in a ready to give tin container with bow and tag.

Order the Bare Metals Collection here

Under $50

Scrubtini – sugar body scrub

Scrubtini is our seasonal body scrub with lemon and verbena oil. It’s a favorite for most women because of it’s rich lemony scent that will leave her skin as soft as moisturized. Bring some summer love to her winter with virgin coconut oil, and shea and olive butters.

Order Scrubtini

Bamboo Renew – Body scrub

This body scrub will polish her skin while invigorating her scenes with bamboo, and walnut shell powder, surrounded by a blend of essential oils including lemongrass, mimosa flower, and litsea. This polish is a great take-along to her next pedicure appointment or a special treat at home. Either way, she will love the smell and the renewal her skin will have from Bamboo Renew.

Order Bamboo Renew

Under $25

Winter kiss mini lip duo

These are the cutest, yet classiest combo for any woman. You can achieve 3 unique looks from this little duo when you wear each separately or both together. Don’t worry about trying to figure out which ones to pair up because LimeLight by Alcone has done the work for you. With only 10 combinations remaining, this has proved to be our hottest item this holiday season. These duo’s come packaged ready to give, place on a tree, or stuff in a stocking. They even have a tag built onto the packaging. Give her that bling she deserves!

Order Winter Kiss mini lip duo and see other shades

Get the gift that she is sure to love.


Holiday gifts for men and older boys – under $100, under $50, and under $25

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and being your beauty guide, I want to help you get started with some classy gifts for the men on your list. Don’t forget, flat rate shipping is free for orders $200 and up OR only $2.95 under $200.

Holiday and Christmas gifts for men and teen boys

Under $100

Snow man collection

This collection features our all natural men’s line products including the Power Start exfoliating cleanser, the Cool Down face balm, the all new Farm to Tub natural charcoal soap, ready to go in the (spacious) Signature men’s travel bag. LimeLight will gift box this in our new matte black gift box with bow and gift tag for an added touch – and one less thing you need to do! When you buy this collection you save $12.

The ingredients in our Men’s Skin Care are so exceptional, but here are some stars of the show:

  • Aloe Vera – Hydrates and protects skin while increasing cell turnover.
  • Perlite – A completely natural and gentle exfoliator derived from volcanic glass. When water within the glass is vaporized, the material expands to form a spherical bubble structure that combines the natural hardness of volcanic rock with the softness of spherical particles.
  • Eucalyptus – Refreshes and invigorates skin while deeply cleansing pores.
  • Bulgarian Lavender essential oil – Soothes and calms skin while providing antibacterial protection to prevent breakouts and infection.
  • Hexapeptide 11 – Firms and tones skin with notable improvement in elasticity and collagen depth.
  • Agave Extract – Reduces discomfort from sunburn, razor burn, or any heat related rash. Restores moisture loss and increases water retention while combating sun damage and aging.
  • Activated Charcoal – draws bacteria, toxins, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne.

Click here to order Snow Man Collection

Under $50

A walk in the woods holiday 2017 candle

I know what you may be thinking – ‘A candle for men?’ I say, sure why not? Men love scents as much as women. Why do you think they go crazy when they smell a BBQ or pizza? I picked up this candle because I knew it was going to be top quality.  Generally a candle like this will run you well over $70, but we have it under $50 so it’s a budget friendly candle that just speaks holiday all over it. Buy it for your older teen boys to get that stagnant locker smell out of their bedroom or dorm. The glow is beautiful, you may want one for yourself. A Walk in the Woods Candle has top notes of apple spice, sparkling orange, and crisp eucalyptus; mid notes of floral foliage, cinnamon bark, and warm clove bud; and dry down of fir balsam. Fresh pine needle, cedarwood and sandal.

Click here to order A Walk in the Woods Holiday 2017 Candle

Under $25

Farm to Tub Charcoal & Tea Tree bar soap

Do you want to throw a lump of coal in his stocking this year? Want him to be cleaner, smell better, get rid of that body acne (bacne ~ backnee). This will do all that!  Our Farm To Tub Soaps are aromatic blends of skin-soothing ingredients that will leave you both relaxed and refreshed. Created by hand with a blend of shea butter and sustainable, rainforest-friendly, organic palm, olive and coconut oil – our Farm to Tub soaps clean, nourish and hydrate skin. No Parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, unnatural preservatives, or petroleum products have been added to our vegan Farm to Tub Soaps.  These are only $14 for a huge chunk so pick up a few for those dirty boys on your list!

Click here to order Farm to Tub Charcoal & Tea Tree soap


Remember to order now and get these collections while they are available. Our collections are seasonal and they won’t stick around forever.  Order flat rate ($2.95 shipping) by 12/15/17 for guaranteed Christmas delivery. All Holiday Collections will be eligible for return or exchange if they are postmarked no later than January 24th.  Collections must be returned or exchanged in full.  Individual items from within a collection will not be eligible. 

Network Marketing, Customer Service, and Price Point

As someone who was disgusted by the tactics of network marketing, I can totally understand the stigma that network marketing had in the past. Fortunately, I think that stigma is starting to go away and finally there’s been many changes in the way leaders present both the opportunity and the sales. It all really boils down to customer service of the representative.

I’ve always had a customer service background for my entire adult career so I consider myself a customer service snob. I don’t just expect good customer service when I’m out, I pretty much demand it. When I do get really amazing service, I will go to great lengths telling others about it, and also appreciating the server with a gracious tip. I do this as a reflection of my own service. I know there are many others like me out there, and if you are one of those people – you may want to land yourself a network marketing position too!

It should be no shocker that I go above and beyond with my own customer service. I understand no company is perfect. If it’s not right for my customer, I take it to great lengths to make it right. I pride myself on my customer service. Every single encounter (and it’s no different whether it’s my customer or my teammate) is sure to be a good one. Whether it be questions about the product, or questions about the business, I’m pretty much an open book. This is MY business, so it’s up to me to make sure that I do right to my customers, and my teammates. My business literally depends on it, and it’s the reason why my customers return for re-orders and bring their friends.

But does network marketing mean that the prices need to be inflated? I know I have seen some amazing products on the market, and literally been turned off because the price point was way wrong. I get it… I guess? There’s a lot of commission being paid off on one sale. WOAH hold the boat. Let me explain that LimeLight is VERY different in this area.  LimeLight prices are compared to those at your department stores – Clinique, Lancome, etc. We are high quality professional makeup and natural skin care. Our prices are right where they should be – in fact, many of my customers are downright surprised when I show them just how affordable they are.  You see, we source our products mostly here in the USA so we are not paying extra for freight or extra for expediting. If you are familiar with LimeLight’s story you will also know that we have been in business with these major vendors for 60+ years through the Alcone store (we get the hookups). We are able to keep our costs down, and on top of all that – our CEO Michele Gay isn’t in it to be a multi-millionaire, she wants ever single beauty guide to be millionaires themselves. Profits are returned right back to the sales force who earned it.

Hopefully I’ve been able to clear up some misconceptions, and also provide you with some new insight on the network marketing business model. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out directly to me. You can contact me on my replicated site by clicking shop my LimeLight store.

From Phoenix to Austin – LimeLight Palooza 2017

Every moment at Palooza just kept getting better!

Palooza began on a Friday morning. Well, let me back up a bit. We got in Thursday afternoon – we being my fiancé and I. We planned it as a little trip before he left on military leave (but that’s a whole other story). So we got in on Thursday to check out the town – I never been to Austin. Let me just say – It’s really fricken hot in Austin and as you probably know, I’m from Phoenix!  So that’s a pretty bold statement. It’s a fun city and I’m glad we got to experience it before the conference.  Just ask about the bats!

So I picked up my Palooza SWAG BAG before heading off to bed. If you don’t know what swag is, let me just say that the value in the swag bag is basically the cost of your ticket. And if you bought your ticket when I did, it most definitely surpassed the cost of the ticket – WINNING! So what was inside my swag bag you might ask?  Let me tell you:

  • LimeLight branded hat (great for the gym)
  • LimeLight branded hard makeup carrier (travel in style)
  • Stars Collide (our 2017 theme) bracelet
  • LimeLight branded white oversized beach towel (like the Costco bath sheets)
  • Happy tears / Ugly Cryer tissues

And the last 2 which were the talk of the weekend:

  • L’Occitane Divine Crème – (OMG – this was amazing, but REALLY out of my budget, TGIF – Thank God Its Free)
  • LimeLight Eye Aspire – Launching August 1st 2017, this is our brand new eye serum and it’s amazing!!

But as I said, it just kept getting better!

Stay tuned for the next day (Martha Beck!)

Prom – Special Occasion Makeup

I was given the opportunity to bring my makeup kit on site to three beautiful triplets that wanted a little pampering for their first junior prom. It started with a trial. The challenge in my mind was to give each of these identical girls a unique look that fell in line with their personalities. A challenging task because I had never met the girls before. Once I met them and their parents in their home and had to quickly assess how I would pull an individual look for each one.

I started with girl with the shortest hair because her look screamed “rocker,”  but she clearly didn’t want to have a lot of makeup since she wasn’t very girly. For her I did a smokey brown eye using the Lottie for LimeLight Dream On palette (which she insisted I keep blending to take more off), along with a light cheek and lip (lips with Macaroon Enduring Lip Color, and Faith Signature Lip Gloss on top) and added touches of #6 blush as a pretty highlight.


Next, I moved on to the girl who seemed a little more outgoing. I decided it would be fun to add “Mills” by Lottie from the Dream On palette (@LotStar Instagram) in her crease along with “Lament” which is more of a gold shimmer.  This gave her a bold eye to go with her black and white dress.  I then did her cheeks with a warm bold blush in #7 which looked brilliant against her skin tone.  I showed her lip shades in Candy Apple, Cherry Pie, and #104, and we settled on the true blue red in Cherry Pie.  She was a little scared of the boldness of the color but once everyone (including mom) saw that color, everyone agreed it was perfect.

Lastly, I felt compelled to do a subtle but super pretty Instagram look. I did a subtle cat eye using only shadow, and kept most of the shadows in matte shades including mauve and brown.  I went back and added “Crystal” from the Dream On palette to her inner eye and just a touch on the center of her lid. I also added “Crystal” to highlight the tops of her cheeks and the cupids bow, and just the tip of the nose. I chose the same cheek color in #7, and then the lightest shade of lip color in “Mia” another Enduring Lip Color by Lottie.

All girls were so impressed with their looks (and mom was too) that I’ll be back to do the look for their big prom day. Pictures are coming soon!

Curious about hosting a LimeLight workshop?

Maybe you’ve been following me for a while, or maybe you just found me, or MAYBE you are looking to learn more about LimeLight by Alcone without complete commitment to starting your own business.  Whatever it is, curiosity helped you find me here. So I want to first shout out a huge THANK YOU for stopping by my page today.  Let’s talk professional cosmetics for a second.

Why LimeLight by Alcone cosmetics?  Simple – our products are used by professional makeup artists because of their dependability.  These products are manufactured with the professional in mind.  They are super pigmented (meaning we don’t shove fillers in our products that thin them out to make them cheaper), they blend beautifully because they are milled to a fine particle so they can mix and mingle together flawlessly, and they are affordable! YES – let me just take that thought out of your head… you know the thought – “oh they’re professional, so I guess I can’t afford it.”  STOP right there – did you look at the online catalog?? I haven’t even had the chance to show you in person that a little goes a long way, and these products are going to last so you don’t need to shop for replacements every 4 weeks. Here is where I invite you to party with me.  Not only are you going to have a ton of fun, and you’re going to have a safe place to play with makeup (and finally try that RED lipstick you never would have thought to try in a million years), but you’re going to earn LimeLight by Alcone products absolutely free from your successful party! Worried about your party not being a success? Well that’s why I’m here. I help coach you through the entire process, I do the talking, I do the planning – I even provide the invites! All you need to do is get your friends together, and pick a theme. February is a great month for a “Lipstick Bar” themed party. Parties are way more successful when you have them in your home, however if you aren’t local, we can also schedule an online party.

Ready to start earning free products? Contact me today or schedule online and let’s earn rewards together!

What is the LimeLight Fast Start?


What is the LimeLight Fast Start?

You just ordered your LimeLight by Alcone starter kit, now what? It’s time to start working toward your fast start. Before your kit even gets packed for shipment, you’ll want to start working on ways to earn your first tier of fast start. Did you know that you can earn up to $800 in Fast Start bonuses? (keep reading to find out the secret of unlimited bonuses). Let’s look at all five opportunities of fast start and what’s in it for you!

  1. Achieve $1000 in Personal Retail Value (PRV) in your first 40 days, and you will earn $100 in Standard Retail Value (SRV) and $50 for marketing materials. This is not impossible. It can be achieved during your first launch party. Note: If you’re not familiar with PRV, this is the amount that your customers pay at retail – not wholesale. You definitely want this so you can use the money to reinvest in your supplies. $1000 will also move you from Beauty Guide In Training (BGIT) to Beauty Guide (BG)
  2. Personally enroll 1 BGIT, who qualifies for the rank of BG in your first 70 days, and you will earn $50 in product plus $50 in cash
  3. Achieve $3000 PRV in 60 days, and you will earn $100 SRV in product plus $50 for marketing materials
  4. Personally enroll 2 or more BGIT who promote to BG in your first 90 days, and you will earn $100 SRV in product and $100 cash
  5. Achieve the rank of Star Beauty Guide within you first 3 full months in business, and earn $100 cash; OR achieve the rank of Star Beauty Guide within 2 full months, and earn $200

Just think how easy these tiers can be to achieve when you are hitting them with a friend that you’ve personally enrolled. Let’s backtrack for a moment. It’s really important that you have your launch party right away, because as soon as you submit your application to become a BGIT the clock starts ticking for all tiers. I have seen some BGIT’s hit tier 1 fast start before even receiving their kit, so this is totally possible. If you’re having doubts, talk to your sponsor right away. You are amazing, and you can do this. Your goal is to not only find some amazing customers, but to also find a runner like you who wants to build a career in LimeLight. That way YOU can work towards tier 1 & 2, while BOTH of you are working towards your fast start simultaneously.

Ready for the secret?  For every single person you personally enroll on your team, you will also have the opportunity to earn a 100% match on the cash and marketing material portions of their fast start bonuses.  And there is NO LIMIT to the amount of fast start bonuses you achieve!

Get used to this amazing compensation plan because this is just the beginning.