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Working with wax based Botanical Foundation

I know how difficult it is to try a new foundation. It’s your base, and your building block to the rest of your makeup. If your foundation isn’t on point then you’re going going to look and feel a little off all day. When you find your perfect shade of Botanical Foundation you will fall in love with it. I quickly retired all my foundations (including the collection of partially used bottles under the sink) for LimeLight by Alcone’s Botanical Foundation… I know, surprised?

Why the change?

I used to use MAC foundation because it was full coverage. However, I didn’t wear it daily because I felt like it was too heavy and better for a night out or special occasion. Usually I wore Almay TLC which was simple to apply and light enough to wear daily. Occasionally, I would just wear a tinted lotion for light coverage when I would go swimming or lounging around the house. But are you ready for this? This is the beauty of Botanical Foundation – it replaces all of your foundations because it’s so multi-faceted. Botanical Foundation is not your usual cream or liquid based foundation. It’s a solid that comes in a metal pan (the same ones that the professionals use!). It’s wax base is versatile and allows you to build your coverage or keep it sheer allowing you to use it for any occasion. One thing I love about the Botanical Foundation is that regardless of how much coverage I want, it never feels heavy and doesn’t look caked on. It finishes to a nice matte even without setting powder. Don’t let the size fool you, this product is 50% pigmented. When compared to most department store brands that are only 18%-23%, this little pan will last you on average 3 months with daily use. When compared to theatrical makeup which has 30%-35% pigment, LimeLight’s Botanical Foundation still wins for coverage. Plus, theatrical makeup generally has mineral oil or petrolatum as major ingredients – yuck!

Botanical Foundation is Mineral Oil Free, Lanolin Oil Free, and Fragrance Free that is perfect for dry to oily to sensitive skin. It was developed by Vincent J-R Kehoe, the President and Director of the Research Council of Make-up Artists (RCMA). It only contains vegetable oils, pure waxes, and FDA Approved colors. There are no animal products used.

How to use the Botanical Foundation

There are a number of ways to use this foundation. I like to scrape a small amount out of the pan with my plastic spatula tool (only a small amount), and then I place it on the back of my hand. I use my finger to rub the foundation in a circular motion to warm it up. It will quickly melt into a creamy texture. Then I dab it on the middle of my face (it’s always best to blend from the middle do the outside of your face). I use a damp makeup wedge, and start tapping it gently to blend. I continue to pick up more from the back of my hand with my wedge and blend from the middle to the outside of my face. One layer will give you a nice coverage. I then set my foundation with my LimeLight by Alcone Perfect Pressed Powder (translucent).

Other methods of application

  • Swirl in the foundation pan with a stippling brush, and gently glide in large circles over face. Start with big swirls on your face and end with smaller swirls.
  • Scrape foundation on the back of your hand and add a drop of LimeLight by Alcone Must Dew. This will turn your foundation into a liquid. Apply with a foundation brush, or your fingers.
  • Use a LimeLight by Alcone Blenderful. A dry Blenderful will give you full coverage, while a damp Blenderful will provide a more sheer coverage.

Check out Lindsay Colombe’s video on YouTube for the Botanical Foundation. Contact your local beauty guide to get a color match, or take the color match test online now.  Need a beauty guide in the Phoenix area? Contact me!

Love your LimeLight Valentine’s Day Collections!

This Valentine’s Day, go 100% vegan. LimeLight by Alcone’s collections will get you the quality and value you love and trust (and still have money left over for a bottle of wine!) LimeLight brings you two limited edition collections available now through February 8th, 2016. And as a bonus, every collection comes with a free limited edition LimeLight watercolor cosmetic case! So let me break down the two collections. Oh and don’t forget to leave a hint on your Valentine’s Facebook page – share button!

The first collection is perfect for any makeup lover, beauty blogger, or makeup artist. We call this the Brush Crush Collection. This is a brand new LimeLight by Alcone professional makeup brush set. The collection includes a combination of traditional shaped brushes for multi-use purposes, and brushes targeted for specific use. LimeLight’s 100% vegan synthetic bristles are durable to survive a life of multiple cleanings. Use them in liquids, powders, and creams without worry of degradation. This collection is valued at over $318, but when purchased during this promotion you can have it for only $184 – that is a savings of $134 wow! Time to toss your old brushes to the side and express yourself with the Brush Crush Collection.

Brush Crush Collection

Do you want to get really close this Valentine’s Day? Then snuggle up to the LimeLight by Alcone’s Skintimate Collection. Combat the effects from the dry winter with LimeLight’s secret to smooth skin. Targeted for dry, cracked, and callused skin, LimeLight included Bamboo Renew (exfoliator), Crème of the Crop (moisturizer), and the new One Drop Wonder (Pomifera Oil ™) in this special collection. All LimeLight’s skin care products are 100% natural and contain organic ingredients. If you need skin healing this Valentine’s Day, then this trio is for you. This collection is valued at over $160 (and is totally worth it) but you can get it in time for Valentine’s Day for only $130!


LimeLight’s fiber mascara vs. the competition

Limelight by Alcone Perfect Mascara
I’m sure you’ve all seen the close ups of big eyeballs all over Facebook and Instagram popping up in your news feed. Mascara before and after photos displaying super long lashes without expensive extensions. Some of you may have tried them, but I bet there are still a lot of you who haven’t and wondered, is it any good? I have the popular $29 “Y” brand in my makeup bag as well as LimeLight by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara. So today I’m going to do a comparison between the two fiber lengthening mascaras, so you can decide which brand to try.


Brand “Y” is applied as a two-step application of gel and fibers. In my experience, it’s actually more than two steps. I start with my favorite brand of regular mascara (mine is Almay) and apply it as normal – this is step one. Step two I apply the “Y” gel. Step three I apply the “Y” fibers. This is tricky. When you open the fibers you will see a lot of fluff on a straight mascara wand. You have to carefully shake off the excess, which in my opinion is a waste of product. You can then carefully apply the fibers to the tips of your lashes – if you apply it to the base they will become clumpy. Step four, reapply the “Y” gel. The instructions tell you that it’s buildable meaning you can continue to apply gel, fibers, and gel, as long as you remember that the last step is gel to seal the fibers in. Overall application is not as advertised with the process stacking up to at least four steps.

LimeLight by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara is a simple, true one-step application. There’s no need for a base mascara and the fibers are included in the same tube. The fiber is not fluffy, they are more like hairs which ensures a clump free application from the base through to the extended tips! I love that the process is simple, quick, and has much less waste than the other brand. Perfect Mascara is definitely the winner for application!


Brand “Y” includes two tubes and comes in a very stylish case that resembles an eyeglass case. The gel wand style is an hour glass shape (although I heard the newer product switched to the pine tree shape). If brand “Y” did switch to the pine tree style, then in my opinion that was a wise move. I can’t say anything positive about the hourglass shape bristles on a mascara wand. The fiber tube is a straight wand that does not have any bristles. Both tubes are kept in the glasses case, and aside from it being something cute to have, it may become cumbersome if you have limited space in your makeup bag or vanity.

LimeLight by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara is a sleek, slender, silver tube. The wand has pine tree shaped bristles making it simple to apply on the inner and outer corners of the eyes as well as the bottom lashes. This tube easily fits in your makeup bag, purse, or vanity. The etching on the silver tube is an elegant presentation of LimeLight’s packaging standard. For portability and wand shape, LimeLight wins the packaging category.


Brand “Y” retails for $29 for the dual tube set. When you host a party, chances are you can get the mascara for free. At $29 the price is pretty steep, especially when most consumers are used to paying about ten bucks at any drug store for a tube mascara.

LimeLight by Alcone’s Perfect mascara retails for a low $14. You can also get it free as a host reward. This price point is incredible being only a few dollars more than the drugstore brands who don’t include lash extending fibers. If you really want to spend twenty-nine dollars on mascara, consider getting two tubes of Perfect Mascara… heck you’ll still have a dollar to spare! Hands down Perfect Mascara wins the cost category.


With all three aspects, it’s clear that LimeLight by Alcone takes top spot for fiber mascara when compared head to head with “Y” brand. The simplicity, style and price are all the reasons you should try Perfect Mascara. If you have any problem with the product, LimeLight by Alcone gives you a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with peace of mind.

See a demo here: