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Holiday gifts for someone special

Holiday gifts for someone special

If you have a larger budget for that someone special, keep reading because I have some amazing collections for that someone so special in your life.  If you have a budget you will want to check out my other two blogs – Holiday gifts for men and older boys under $100, under $50, and under $25 and Holiday gifts for women and older girls under $100, under $50, and under $25. But this post will show you some of our higher end gifts that someone special will surly love you for!

Holiday Mini Lip Library

Is she someone who loves many lip looks? Or maybe you have a makeup artist on your list. This set includes our entire lip library of our famous Enduring Lip Colors with the long lasting matte finish that is so trendy right now. It also includes our entire lip library of Signature Lip Glosses with that bling bling lid. Each mini will fit nicely inside a small clutch purse or pocket. It also allows her to try every single color so she can mix and match for endless custom colors, ombre looks, and different finishes of matte or gloss. Our lip library comes in a beautiful round box, finished with a bow and gift tag.

Order Holiday Mini Lip Library

One Drop Wonderful time of the year

The one and only exclusive One Drop Wonder is now a holiday collection. It includes the beauty guide favorite One Drop Wonder, and a Pom Bomb (bath bomb) enriched with 15 drops of One Drop Wonder. Not familiar with One Drop Wonder yet? Well it’s a single ingredient pomifera oil enriched with omega-6 and anti-oxidants. This makes your skin feel amazing and now the Pom Bomb makes bathing in One Drop Wonder a reality! Our Pom Bombs are available on their own for $12 also (while supplies last).

Order One Drop Wonderful Time of Year

Snow Glowbe Collection

Get your glow back with our Snow Glowbe collection. This collection is designed for dry, winter skin and includes:

  • Quench Cleanse
  • Skin Polish
  • Skin Polish
  • One Drop Wonder
  • (Free) Elegant Terrycloth headband – (it’s so soft!)

We even take care of the gift box, bow and tag! This is a great gift for moms, and grown daughters because it includes everything she needs to get her youthful skin back.

Order Snow Glowbe Collection

Skinter Wonderland Collection

This wonderful collection is for acne prone/oily skin. It’s designed to help re-balance skin to clear up any acne or bacteria on the skin. Our products are designed to clean the skin without stripping it from it’s natural oils. Each item works perfectly for real results – without harmful chemicals, or parabens. This set includes:

  • Dream Clean
  • Skin Therapist
  • Masque of Zen
  • One Drop Wonder
  • (Free) Elegant Terrycloth headband – (it’s so soft!)

We even take care of the gift box, bow and tag! This is a great gift for grown daughters and teens who struggle with acne or oily skin.

Order Skinter Wonderland Collection

Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror

Dubbed the hottest mirror in the professional industry! This mirror is amazing. I use mine daily (and my daughter even sneaks in my room to use it too). I love it so much that I recommended it to my family and my dad even picked one up for my mom on her birthday.  You get the best lighting for the perfect makeup application each time. It’s portable so it travels well, and includes bluetooth capability for the perfect selfie.  This is a great gift for any YouTube professional, freelance makeup artist (on the go), direct sales entrepreneur, Instagram model, or anyone who needs perfect lighting anywhere.

Order Glamcor Riki Mirror

Classified Brush Collection

Just launched weeks earlier than expected is our brand new Classified Brush Collection. Each professional brush is made by hand with super soft vegan bristles, and weighted handles for precision and stability. This collection comes with a vegan leather canister to hold and store your brushes. You can order as a collection or individually.

Order Classified Brush Collection

Still need some advice? Contact me directly for a more individualized experience.  What is your favorite on here?

5 DIY facial remedies you should never try

DIY Never Try

Are you trying to cut out the chemicals from your facial routine? Maybe you’ve heard about some simple do-it-yourself remedies that you can find in your cupboard or fridge. But are they really helping you or doing more harm? See how trying to save a buck can actually cost you more in the long run with these 5 remedies you should never try.

  1. DIY: Baking Soda for exfoliation – The grittiness of baking soda has been proven a great way to whiten your teeth but is not the correct pH to use on the delicate skin on your face. Baking soda has a pH factor of 9 while your skin is about 4.5 – 5. The higher alkaline damages the natural barrier which keeps bad bacteria out. Baking soda will also cause dryness creating additional skin issues.
    Natural Alternative – Use LimeLight by Alcone Skin Polish for a complete exfoliation and added moisture. The small round, biodegradable jojoba beads gently exfoliates the skin and sloughs away dead skin cells.  Nutrient rich oils from olives, lemon, and cypress will restore, hydrate, and protect your skin.
  2. DIY: Lemon for brightening – Brown spots make us look older and are caused by years of unprotected sun exposure. Citric acid found in lemons have lightening components but can cause a painful chemical reaction (phytophotodermatitis). The cheap lemon remedy can end up causing more harm than good if you have a reaction. Even if you don’t have a reaction the process of using lemons will take a long time to see results.
    Natural Alternative – Try LimeLight by Alcone Sotox for natural skin brightening. The citric acid contained in Sotox is rich in vitamin C and increases the production of collagen which is why it’s great for reducing skin discoloration and age spots. In addition, Sotox has a number of other natural ingredients to help reduce sagging skin, and reduce the occurrence of blemishes.
  3. DIY: Hairspray to set makeup – Hairspray is a great way to set your hair, and chances are some of it will hit your face. But intentionally spraying your face with hairspray to set your makeup for the day will not only dry out your skin from the alcohol, but it will also clog your pores, cause irritation and create breakouts.
    Professional Alternative – LimeLight by Alcone 10 Years Younger Finishing Spray is specifically designed to hold your makeup in place for up to 16 hours. It will also prevent your makeup from setting into any fine lines or wrinkles, and also prevents melting and sliding for fewer touchups. Forget creasing and fading with the paraben-free finishing spray.
  4. DIY: Toothpaste to treat pimples – Drying out a pesky zit will allow you to pick it off and quickly remove it. But the old remedy of dabbing your zit with a bit of toothpaste will dry out the zit but it will also strip the healthy skin around of its valuable moisture. At worst you can actually risk a chemical burn resulting in dark scars.
    Natural Alternative – Try LimeLight by Alcone Masque of Zen as a full mask treatment or a spot treatment. It’s enriched with Tea Tree Oil which naturally combats bacteria causing acne and Cinnamon Bark Extract from Sri Lanka which acts as a mild astringent and regulates bacteria without throwing off the skin cell balance.
  5. DIY: Petroleum Jelly – such as Vaseline has been thought to moisturize and protect sensitive skin. It actually does not add any moisture to your skin, in fact it keeps everything out and retains what’s already in your skin (even bad bacteria!). Think of it as a barrier, not a moisturizer.
    Natural Alternative – Try LimeLight by Alcone One Drop Wonder. This oil is made up of the extract from the Osage Orange fruit seed. The oil is full of super antioxidants, rich in Omega-6, and UV protective. It provides the essential oils needed to provide generous moisture, but also heals many skin issues such as rosacea, and repairs aged skin cells.

Now that you know which DIY remedies can cause more harm than good, what other remedies have you tried?

PS. Not all coconut oil is good for your skin! Beware of coconut oil clogging your pores and causing breakouts.

Something extraordinary from a nuisance

odw_blog (1)

When something extraordinary happens we know about it, we talk about it, and we love it. But when something extraordinary is born from something that is thought of as a nuisance, we wonder. It’s no coincidence that One Drop Wonder got such a fitting name. The Osage Orange tree which grows wild in the United States had only one purpose in the past and that was to keep spiders and insects away. However, there hasn’t been solid evidence that the fruit of the Osage Orange tree really keeps pests at bay. What has been evident are the results that men, women, and children have been achieving by using One Drop Wonder to heal a variety of problem skin conditions and repair the signs of aging. Wait, what? Back the bus up! As if reversing the signs of aging wasn’t enough for this magical oil, there is really more.


One Drop Wonder is literally one ingredient, 100% pure cold pressed Pomifera oil. Pomifera oil is the oil that comes from the seed of the Osage Orange tree’s fruit (the hedge ball). The seed is the only edible part of the fruit (similar to a pomegranate) but extremely difficult to remove. This is why most animals don’t bother with the hedge balls – a lot of work for little payoff. The science behind One Drop Wonder comes from Todd Johnson, creator of this amazing cosmeceutial oil.  Some of the properties that are present in One Drop Wonder are: rich in Omega-6, UV protective, anti-fungal, antibiotic, and antimicrobial. What do these properties mean to you? Well here are just some of the skin issues that One Drop Wonder is working for (long list warning):

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Acne
  • Adult Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Scrapes and Bumps
  • Cuts/Scratches
  • 1st & 2nd Degree Burns
  • Severe Diaper Rash
  • Bug Bites
  • Anything that itches
  • Herpes Related Cold Sores
  • Shingles*
  • Fungus on Skin*
  • Toe Fungus (use 1:1 with Tea Tree Oil)
  • UV protection
  • Sun Burn Relief
  • Post Radiation Therapy
  • General Antimicrobial
  • Staph infection*
  • MRSA*
  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Allergic reactions (and allergic reactions to medications) – topical only
  • Bad Chemical Peels
  • Tattoos
  • Your issue not listed? ________

*Be sure to seek proper medical attention before using any essential oil as a remedy for a serious medical condition.

In addition to One Drop Wonder’s ability to heal on its own, it can also accompany your other skin products as a booster since it’s a carrier oil. It will encapsulate your current skin product and pull it deep into your skin therefore boosting the product’s ability to perform quicker and more effectively. Try boosting Sotox for anti-aging, or Forty Cure Creme for soothing therapeutic relief.

One Drop Wonder Oil

For a custom skin regimen recommendation please reach out to me today.

Jennifer Pitt

Sugar, body scrubs, and martinis = Scrubtini!

So my excitement got the best of me. I had no idea that this was even a thing when I got an email saying that the Scrubtini was back for the summer. Seriously though, who wouldn’t want something called Scrubtini? I haven’t even tried it yet and it sounds absolutely phenomenal. So when I saw the email I jumped right on Facebook Live and shared with everyone this amazing news! You must be wondering why I’m so excited for this, right? Well ever since I had my first body scrub at a high end day spa, I’ve fallin’ head over heels for body scrubs. I am super sensitive to the pressure of body massages, so I tend to pick a body scrub over a massage any day.  When I had my first scrub, my skin felt soft for days. I literally couldn’t stop touching my skin. With summer just around the corner, you really should treat your skin to a Scrubtini.  This formula is what you can always expect from LimeLight – 100% Natural, chemical-free, paraben-free, and leaping bunny certified. Now let’s look at the scrumptious ingredients of our Scrubtini cocktail!

  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Shea butter
  • Olive butter
  • Lemon Verbena Oil

Aloha summer! Grab your 8 oz jar of Scrubtini and indulge yourself in extreme hydration and exfoliation and kick your dull winter skin to the curb. Bathing suit season is almost here! Get your jar today because when these are gone they won’t be back until next year. Don’t pay day spa prices, order yours today under Skin Care > Body section of the online catalog.


Ultimate dry skin renewal treatment

I know it’s still early to think about pulling out the shorts but eventually spring is going to be here. If you’re notorious for neglecting your skin in the winter, don’t fear. After all, I know all too well how easy it is to throw on a big sweater and jeans as if I’m going into some winter hibernation. Then it happens… spring creeps up on you and you realize that underneath all those layers of clothes is your own layer of hairy legs and dead skin cells. So let me help you create a plan of action so you’re not left looking like a deer bear in the headlights when the weather turns warm. This is my two part recommendation to cure winter skin and make it spring fresh.

Check out my YouTube video – LimeLight Bamboo Renew & Forty Cure Crème to see the results!

Part 1:

Start with Bamboo Renew. This is a gentle abrasive body exfoliator. Unlike most exfoliators, the first thing you will notice about this scrub is that it’s not overly oily. It has a high concentration of the actual exfoliators which are a combination of walnut shell powder and bamboo. These natural abrasives are very fine and feel like a soft sand. As you work it into your skin with a small amount of water, the scrub will begin to expand and allow you to move it across your skin with ease. A little will truly go a long way. As you scrub it in, you will then smell the invigorating aroma of its essential oils that include lemongrass, mimosa flower and litsea. Take some time and massage it into your skin really well. Finish with a warm rinse and pat dry. Bamboo Renew includes algae and rice extracts for a firming agent, and milk thistle to moisturize.

skincare_v2_bamboo renew


Part 2:

skincare_v2_forty cure

Finish with Forty Cure Crème. Ok, so you’re wondering what does that mean. It comes from the Tamanu seed tree that the Tahitians refer to as forty-cure because of the many different ways it can heal skin. This cream can actually assist in healing Eczema. That is some powerful cream! Since I’m over halfway through my thirties, I’m going to kick some 40’s butt with this Forty Cure! This cream is a thick, rich cream that goes on smooth like butter. I find that it smells like fresh ginger… you know, like the one that you get at the sushi restaurant? However there is no ginger in the ingredient list. Tamanu seed, lavender, sweet orange, and Egyptian rose apparently smell a lot like ginger to me. As I rub it into my skin I notice that it smells more like the sweet orange. This cream is exceptional on dry, cracked skin. It begins to heal after the first use. I recommend this product 1-2 times per day.

It’s an easy treatment, and you will be ready for spring if you’re armed with this dynamic duo. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video review on these two products. Do you want to try before you buy? Request your free sample here.



Where does your squalane come from?

My face is happy now because I just finished my LimeLight by Alcone Skin Polish routine. I usually use my Skin Polish twice a week when I have some time to relax and treat myself to a home spa treatment. I find that twice a week is perfect to keeping my skin feel plump, smooth, and best of all – hydrated.  Hydration is essential to my skin care because dry, flakey skin is not beautiful at all. In fact, dehydrated skin makes doing my makeup a chore and impossible to blend.

How does it work? Skin Polish has a gentle abrasive feel to slough away dead skin cells. After gently scrubbing your skin with the polish, you will leave it on for about 15 minutes. Relax and enjoy as you feel it working deep in your skin. Close your eyes and enjoy the lemon scent as it takes you back to a calm spring day. The skin will start feeling tight as the mask dries. After you rinse the mask off, enjoy the smooth hydrated sensation.

So what makes this Skin Polish so effective? It’s in the ingredients.

Apricot Oil – Suitable for all skin types, apricot oil is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Apricot oil is light in texture and absorbs into the skin quickly. It can soothe irritation, while providing or sealing in moisture. Apricot oil doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy.

Cold Pressed Lemon Peel Oil – This oil has been proven to regenerate skin cells. After a good scrub to remove old, dried up skin cells, this is the perfect ingredient to rebuild new life into your face.

Jojoba beads – An all-natural exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells. This bead is not to be confused with the plastic microbeads which are banned in several states in the US. LimeLight uses the perfect amount of beads to effectively remove the dead cells, and get a deep clean, yet still gentle on sensitive skin.

Squalane – This is the plant derived version NOT from shark liver. LimeLight by Alcone has earned the Leaping Bunny certification for all skin care products so you may rest easy that it’s totally cruelty free. Squalane is found in the skin of olives and wraps around your skin to prevent dehydration. Squalane penetrates the skin deeply, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It may also protect the skin from free radicals and damaging UV rays which boost its anti-aging properties.

Now that you have an idea of what makes your LimeLight by Alcone Skin Polish so superior, you can also rest easy that the squalane and jojoba beads used in it are completely cruelty free!

What’s in your favorite facial product?

Skin Polish_benefits

Love your LimeLight Valentine’s Day Collections!

This Valentine’s Day, go 100% vegan. LimeLight by Alcone’s collections will get you the quality and value you love and trust (and still have money left over for a bottle of wine!) LimeLight brings you two limited edition collections available now through February 8th, 2016. And as a bonus, every collection comes with a free limited edition LimeLight watercolor cosmetic case! So let me break down the two collections. Oh and don’t forget to leave a hint on your Valentine’s Facebook page – share button!

The first collection is perfect for any makeup lover, beauty blogger, or makeup artist. We call this the Brush Crush Collection. This is a brand new LimeLight by Alcone professional makeup brush set. The collection includes a combination of traditional shaped brushes for multi-use purposes, and brushes targeted for specific use. LimeLight’s 100% vegan synthetic bristles are durable to survive a life of multiple cleanings. Use them in liquids, powders, and creams without worry of degradation. This collection is valued at over $318, but when purchased during this promotion you can have it for only $184 – that is a savings of $134 wow! Time to toss your old brushes to the side and express yourself with the Brush Crush Collection.

Brush Crush Collection

Do you want to get really close this Valentine’s Day? Then snuggle up to the LimeLight by Alcone’s Skintimate Collection. Combat the effects from the dry winter with LimeLight’s secret to smooth skin. Targeted for dry, cracked, and callused skin, LimeLight included Bamboo Renew (exfoliator), Crème of the Crop (moisturizer), and the new One Drop Wonder (Pomifera Oil ™) in this special collection. All LimeLight’s skin care products are 100% natural and contain organic ingredients. If you need skin healing this Valentine’s Day, then this trio is for you. This collection is valued at over $160 (and is totally worth it) but you can get it in time for Valentine’s Day for only $130!