Client Reviews

LimeLight by Alcone

Just a quick review of the products I’ve started using!

First, Sotox. Amazing! I use it twice a day focusing on under my eyes, smile lines and forehead…where the fine lines are starting to appear at age 38. Love it! I can feel an instant tightening of my skin, my pores appear smaller and everything is super smooth and soft.

Next, Skin Therapist. I am SUPER dry on my face…to the point where I was using coconut oil twice daily during these harsh winter months. Skin Therapist seems to be doing the trick, so far. I still supplement with a little coconut oil right before I apply my foundation because it gives me a more “dewy” look and makes my foundation glide on, but I don’t seem to need it for the added moisture anymore.

Last thing I ordered is the mascara. This is the best fiber mascara I’ve used. Single step and definitely lengthens, though maybe not quite as much as Younique or the Loreal I had been using. But, the trade off for me is that it is in no shape or form clumpy (which, I did try Younique before they reformulated, so that may not be as much of an issue now) and it comes off SO easily. I swear I was losing half my lashes every night just trying to get the other fiber mascaras off. And at $14 it is only $2 more than the Loreal. No brainer for me.

All of these products cost me $85. I would guess they will each last me a couple months but we will see. I really like LimeLight’s ethics behind their products and I’m already seeing great results after just a few days of use. I think you’re onto something here, Jennifer Pitt!

~~ Shonna Atchison Dexter, Owner of Recreating Rays

I have SUPER cranky skin that turns red when I use products. Like really red….smacked across the face red. I decided to try Skin Therapist (moisturizer) to see the moisturizing level. Now, I assumed I would have to apply my foundation on top to hide the redness, I’ve always had to do that so it’s not a big deal for me. I was surprised when I noticed I didn’t turn bright red…or greasy….and it’s a great light feel. Needless to say I bought a bottle. Oh, and I will add….I used the smallest amount of the product vs the amount I would have had to use of my Olay Regenerist product.

~~ Jaime-Ann Laidlaw, Mom of 2

Thank you, Jennifer Pitt, for the Limelight by Alcone samples! Here’s my reviews as promised!
Make-off makeup removing cloths: Love these! Eye makeup comes off easily, even waterproof mascara without smearing all over my face.
Creme of the Crop hand and body cream: My favorite! Light scent (which I love with my allergies) and it lasts so long! My skin gets dry living in the desert and this cream survived!
Calm Balm: This made my face baby soft without being greasy. I wore it under my makeup and it worked nicely.
Dream Clean: I used this face wash and it made my skin nice and soft also and didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight like most. My favorite of the 2, even though I like the lighter smell of Quench better.
Forty Cure Creme: I used this one on my feet at night with a pair of socks. Worked amazingly well, My feet were so soft!. Has a light fresh scent that is refreshing.
Quench Cleanse: left my face nice and soft and not tight like most. I like the scent of this one better than Dream Clean, but didn’t dislike the smell.
Masque of Zen: I used this masque on a bad breakout and made my skin much more manageable. My face started clearing up a few days after. along with the Dream Clean face wash.
Sotox: I need this! I washed my face with Quench and then applied the Sotox to the laugh lines around my eyes and my I-Have-Twins wrinkles between my eyes and they looked smoother a few minutes later. I want to continue using this product especially and watch the results continue.

Thank again Jennifer for letting me try out these awesome products! I highly recommend them!

~~Holli Laidlaw, mom of twins