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Talk dirty to me

Before I start getting the perverted responses, I better let you know what I’m really talking about. Dirty, bacteria ridden makeup. I’m talking about your makeup that’s reached (or maybe even surpassed) it’s intended life. I bet if you open your makeup bag, you will find something that needs to be tossed. But how do you really know? Some easy indicators (but not fool-proof): smell, look, and feel. If it just doesn’t smell right, look right, or feel right, toss ’em out. Think about it this way, is using old makeup worth the risk of infection? If not, why are you hanging on to it?!

Here’s your homework assignment:

Part one. Take a few minutes to go through your makeup bag, drawer, and under your sink (all the places you’ve stashed away makeup). Separate your items in categories:

  • Eye makeup
  • Face makeup
  • Lip makeup

Now with these small categories, start doing your visual, smell, and feel test. Toss anything that doesn’t pass those tests. With the items remaining, are there any items that you won’t use? Think last year’s mistakes, dead trends, or the “what were you thinking when you bought this?” type products.

How are you doing? You should be feeling good about this exercise because you’re getting rid of the excess baggage! At this point, you’re either left with your essentials, favorites, and the items that you can’t part with.

Part two. Now it’s time to look at the recommended “Time to Toss” list. This is the list that shows you when you need to get rid of the type of makeup that has reached expiration. Some items need to be tossed sooner than others because they will be exposed to bacteria much quicker than others. Generally, your powders will last much longer than your liquids.


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