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Prom – Special Occasion Makeup

I was given the opportunity to bring my makeup kit on site to three beautiful triplets that wanted a little pampering for their first junior prom. It started with a trial. The challenge in my mind was to give each of these identical girls a unique look that fell in line with their personalities. A challenging task because I had never met the girls before. Once I met them and their parents in their home and had to quickly assess how I would pull an individual look for each one.

I started with girl with the shortest hair because her look screamed “rocker,”  but she clearly didn’t want to have a lot of makeup since she wasn’t very girly. For her I did a smokey brown eye using the Lottie for LimeLight Dream On palette (which she insisted I keep blending to take more off), along with a light cheek and lip (lips with Macaroon Enduring Lip Color, and Faith Signature Lip Gloss on top) and added touches of #6 blush as a pretty highlight.


Next, I moved on to the girl who seemed a little more outgoing. I decided it would be fun to add “Mills” by Lottie from the Dream On palette (@LotStar Instagram) in her crease along with “Lament” which is more of a gold shimmer.  This gave her a bold eye to go with her black and white dress.  I then did her cheeks with a warm bold blush in #7 which looked brilliant against her skin tone.  I showed her lip shades in Candy Apple, Cherry Pie, and #104, and we settled on the true blue red in Cherry Pie.  She was a little scared of the boldness of the color but once everyone (including mom) saw that color, everyone agreed it was perfect.

Lastly, I felt compelled to do a subtle but super pretty Instagram look. I did a subtle cat eye using only shadow, and kept most of the shadows in matte shades including mauve and brown.  I went back and added “Crystal” from the Dream On palette to her inner eye and just a touch on the center of her lid. I also added “Crystal” to highlight the tops of her cheeks and the cupids bow, and just the tip of the nose. I chose the same cheek color in #7, and then the lightest shade of lip color in “Mia” another Enduring Lip Color by Lottie.

All girls were so impressed with their looks (and mom was too) that I’ll be back to do the look for their big prom day. Pictures are coming soon!

3 Surprising ways to use your shadow palette

The new shades in “The Feeling is Neutral” palette are extremely versatile and can be used in more ways than just your typical shadow. Each pigment is highly concentrated for a one-swipe application that will stay all day without unwanted creasing. These pigments are pressed in our classy magnetic trays with much less filler than the high end store brand ensuring your color won’t fade before your day. Each color blends superbly so you can achieve a beautiful gradient look on your eyes. Say buh-bye to fall out with our smooth creamy powder finish which are completely free of any parabens!

If all you use these shadows on are your eyes, you will absolutely fall in love with the formula, but I’m not going to stop there. Fill in your brows with confidence using one of our matte shades. Go for a color that looks lighter than your brows for a soft professional look. For a precise clean application, try LimeLight by Alcone Vegan #14 Brow Tamer Brush. This is a two sided brush with an angled brush on one end, and a spooly on the other end to gently comb your brows in place.

Still want some bang for your buck? If you love the smoky eye look, then you will want to build your custom shadow palette with #9 Dial it Black. But pair that up with LimeLight by Alcone Vegan #15 Bent Liner brush and you will be able to use the shadow as a beautiful dark black liner. This will help enhance the fullness of your lashes and help you go from a day to a night look. For a professional touch, dampen your brush tip with water or LimeLight by Alcone 10 Years Younger Finishing Spray before taping into the shadow palette.

We’re not done yet. You can get a perfect face contour with our ashy colors – so long bronzer for contour! You will get a more realistic contoured shadow using an ashy shade such as eyeshadow #28 Ashin’ for Trouble or #40 Taupe for the Best. Make sure that you lightly tap the brush onto the color and tap the brush off. The key to perfect contour is blending it so that it looks natural and not like a precise line. To achieve that soft shadow, blend the contour with a clean large brush like LimeLight by Alcone Vegan #2 All Over Powder brush.

You can purchase each of these pigments separately or as money saving palette. Check out all of our collections and palettes on my online catalog.

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