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Ultimate dry skin renewal treatment

I know it’s still early to think about pulling out the shorts but eventually spring is going to be here. If you’re notorious for neglecting your skin in the winter, don’t fear. After all, I know all too well how easy it is to throw on a big sweater and jeans as if I’m going into some winter hibernation. Then it happens… spring creeps up on you and you realize that underneath all those layers of clothes is your own layer of hairy legs and dead skin cells. So let me help you create a plan of action so you’re not left looking like a deer bear in the headlights when the weather turns warm. This is my two part recommendation to cure winter skin and make it spring fresh.

Check out my YouTube video – LimeLight Bamboo Renew & Forty Cure Crème to see the results!

Part 1:

Start with Bamboo Renew. This is a gentle abrasive body exfoliator. Unlike most exfoliators, the first thing you will notice about this scrub is that it’s not overly oily. It has a high concentration of the actual exfoliators which are a combination of walnut shell powder and bamboo. These natural abrasives are very fine and feel like a soft sand. As you work it into your skin with a small amount of water, the scrub will begin to expand and allow you to move it across your skin with ease. A little will truly go a long way. As you scrub it in, you will then smell the invigorating aroma of its essential oils that include lemongrass, mimosa flower and litsea. Take some time and massage it into your skin really well. Finish with a warm rinse and pat dry. Bamboo Renew includes algae and rice extracts for a firming agent, and milk thistle to moisturize.

skincare_v2_bamboo renew


Part 2:

skincare_v2_forty cure

Finish with Forty Cure Crème. Ok, so you’re wondering what does that mean. It comes from the Tamanu seed tree that the Tahitians refer to as forty-cure because of the many different ways it can heal skin. This cream can actually assist in healing Eczema. That is some powerful cream! Since I’m over halfway through my thirties, I’m going to kick some 40’s butt with this Forty Cure! This cream is a thick, rich cream that goes on smooth like butter. I find that it smells like fresh ginger… you know, like the one that you get at the sushi restaurant? However there is no ginger in the ingredient list. Tamanu seed, lavender, sweet orange, and Egyptian rose apparently smell a lot like ginger to me. As I rub it into my skin I notice that it smells more like the sweet orange. This cream is exceptional on dry, cracked skin. It begins to heal after the first use. I recommend this product 1-2 times per day.

It’s an easy treatment, and you will be ready for spring if you’re armed with this dynamic duo. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video review on these two products. Do you want to try before you buy? Request your free sample here.