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Curious about hosting a LimeLight workshop?

Maybe you’ve been following me for a while, or maybe you just found me, or MAYBE you are looking to learn more about LimeLight by Alcone without complete commitment to starting your own business.  Whatever it is, curiosity helped you find me here. So I want to first shout out a huge THANK YOU for stopping by my page today.  Let’s talk professional cosmetics for a second.

Why LimeLight by Alcone cosmetics?  Simple – our products are used by professional makeup artists because of their dependability.  These products are manufactured with the professional in mind.  They are super pigmented (meaning we don’t shove fillers in our products that thin them out to make them cheaper), they blend beautifully because they are milled to a fine particle so they can mix and mingle together flawlessly, and they are affordable! YES – let me just take that thought out of your head… you know the thought – “oh they’re professional, so I guess I can’t afford it.”  STOP right there – did you look at the online catalog?? I haven’t even had the chance to show you in person that a little goes a long way, and these products are going to last so you don’t need to shop for replacements every 4 weeks. Here is where I invite you to party with me.  Not only are you going to have a ton of fun, and you’re going to have a safe place to play with makeup (and finally try that RED lipstick you never would have thought to try in a million years), but you’re going to earn LimeLight by Alcone products absolutely free from your successful party! Worried about your party not being a success? Well that’s why I’m here. I help coach you through the entire process, I do the talking, I do the planning – I even provide the invites! All you need to do is get your friends together, and pick a theme. February is a great month for a “Lipstick Bar” themed party. Parties are way more successful when you have them in your home, however if you aren’t local, we can also schedule an online party.

Ready to start earning free products? Contact me today or schedule online and let’s earn rewards together!