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Prom – Special Occasion Makeup

I was given the opportunity to bring my makeup kit on site to three beautiful triplets that wanted a little pampering for their first junior prom. It started with a trial. The challenge in my mind was to give each of these identical girls a unique look that fell in line with their personalities. A challenging task because I had never met the girls before. Once I met them and their parents in their home and had to quickly assess how I would pull an individual look for each one.

I started with girl with the shortest hair because her look screamed “rocker,”  but she clearly didn’t want to have a lot of makeup since she wasn’t very girly. For her I did a smokey brown eye using the Lottie for LimeLight Dream On palette (which she insisted I keep blending to take more off), along with a light cheek and lip (lips with Macaroon Enduring Lip Color, and Faith Signature Lip Gloss on top) and added touches of #6 blush as a pretty highlight.


Next, I moved on to the girl who seemed a little more outgoing. I decided it would be fun to add “Mills” by Lottie from the Dream On palette (@LotStar Instagram) in her crease along with “Lament” which is more of a gold shimmer.  This gave her a bold eye to go with her black and white dress.  I then did her cheeks with a warm bold blush in #7 which looked brilliant against her skin tone.  I showed her lip shades in Candy Apple, Cherry Pie, and #104, and we settled on the true blue red in Cherry Pie.  She was a little scared of the boldness of the color but once everyone (including mom) saw that color, everyone agreed it was perfect.

Lastly, I felt compelled to do a subtle but super pretty Instagram look. I did a subtle cat eye using only shadow, and kept most of the shadows in matte shades including mauve and brown.  I went back and added “Crystal” from the Dream On palette to her inner eye and just a touch on the center of her lid. I also added “Crystal” to highlight the tops of her cheeks and the cupids bow, and just the tip of the nose. I chose the same cheek color in #7, and then the lightest shade of lip color in “Mia” another Enduring Lip Color by Lottie.

All girls were so impressed with their looks (and mom was too) that I’ll be back to do the look for their big prom day. Pictures are coming soon!

Working with wax based Botanical Foundation

I know how difficult it is to try a new foundation. It’s your base, and your building block to the rest of your makeup. If your foundation isn’t on point then you’re going going to look and feel a little off all day. When you find your perfect shade of Botanical Foundation you will fall in love with it. I quickly retired all my foundations (including the collection of partially used bottles under the sink) for LimeLight by Alcone’s Botanical Foundation… I know, surprised?

Why the change?

I used to use MAC foundation because it was full coverage. However, I didn’t wear it daily because I felt like it was too heavy and better for a night out or special occasion. Usually I wore Almay TLC which was simple to apply and light enough to wear daily. Occasionally, I would just wear a tinted lotion for light coverage when I would go swimming or lounging around the house. But are you ready for this? This is the beauty of Botanical Foundation – it replaces all of your foundations because it’s so multi-faceted. Botanical Foundation is not your usual cream or liquid based foundation. It’s a solid that comes in a metal pan (the same ones that the professionals use!). It’s wax base is versatile and allows you to build your coverage or keep it sheer allowing you to use it for any occasion. One thing I love about the Botanical Foundation is that regardless of how much coverage I want, it never feels heavy and doesn’t look caked on. It finishes to a nice matte even without setting powder. Don’t let the size fool you, this product is 50% pigmented. When compared to most department store brands that are only 18%-23%, this little pan will last you on average 3 months with daily use. When compared to theatrical makeup which has 30%-35% pigment, LimeLight’s Botanical Foundation still wins for coverage. Plus, theatrical makeup generally has mineral oil or petrolatum as major ingredients – yuck!

Botanical Foundation is Mineral Oil Free, Lanolin Oil Free, and Fragrance Free that is perfect for dry to oily to sensitive skin. It was developed by Vincent J-R Kehoe, the President and Director of the Research Council of Make-up Artists (RCMA). It only contains vegetable oils, pure waxes, and FDA Approved colors. There are no animal products used.

How to use the Botanical Foundation

There are a number of ways to use this foundation. I like to scrape a small amount out of the pan with my plastic spatula tool (only a small amount), and then I place it on the back of my hand. I use my finger to rub the foundation in a circular motion to warm it up. It will quickly melt into a creamy texture. Then I dab it on the middle of my face (it’s always best to blend from the middle do the outside of your face). I use a damp makeup wedge, and start tapping it gently to blend. I continue to pick up more from the back of my hand with my wedge and blend from the middle to the outside of my face. One layer will give you a nice coverage. I then set my foundation with my LimeLight by Alcone Perfect Pressed Powder (translucent).

Other methods of application

  • Swirl in the foundation pan with a stippling brush, and gently glide in large circles over face. Start with big swirls on your face and end with smaller swirls.
  • Scrape foundation on the back of your hand and add a drop of LimeLight by Alcone Must Dew. This will turn your foundation into a liquid. Apply with a foundation brush, or your fingers.
  • Use a LimeLight by Alcone Blenderful. A dry Blenderful will give you full coverage, while a damp Blenderful will provide a more sheer coverage.

Check out Lindsay Colombe’s video on YouTube for the Botanical Foundation. Contact your local beauty guide to get a color match, or take the color match test online now.  Need a beauty guide in the Phoenix area? Contact me!