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Get the most out of your Shine On order

There are two types of people, those who will gladly pay shipping to have products delivered to their door, and those who will drive to the store even if it’s 30 minutes out of the way just to get out of paying any shipping cost whatsoever. I am the first to admit that I was the type who refused to pay shipping. As my life became busier between my family, work, gym, homemaking, and everything that falls between, I accepted shipping costs in lieu of running errands. I will always shop shipping as much as possible. If there is an order minimum for free shipping, I still consider that. Whichever type you are, I’m sure FREE shipping will put a smile on your face, so let’s talk about Shine On by LimeLight!

Shine On is your LimeLight subscription plan. You will love being a LimeLight subscriber with all these amazing Shine On benefits:

  • Free standard shipping
  • Simple to skip months (only recurring when you need it)
  • Changeable shopping cart (allows you to try new products)
  • Unlimited Shine On subscriptions, no minimums (never run out on your favorites)
  • Simple to cancel anytime, no penalties!

To start your Shine On order, you will fill up your shopping cart with all the items you wish to purchase. When you check out, simply click the check box next to recurring order to add the item to your Shine On subscription.

Recurring Order

Check out my YouTube video about how to modify your existing Shine On Order.